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Board Chair provides statement on Student Learning Outcomes

At the November 10, 2010 Board of Governors meeting, the Board Chair Sherryn "Vikki" Marshall read the following statement regarding Student Learning Outcomes.

I recall that the Higher Learning Commission’s Evaluation Team had many very positive comments about our operations, and has recommended that the College’s accreditation be reaffirmed. That’s a testament to the dedication and hard work of our faculty, staff and administrators.

PCC is committed to improving student success. Toward that goal, the College has created a Student Learning Outcomes assessment process that yields valuable insights into what students need to learn and how they can succeed at PCC. 

The evaluators noted that our Student Learning Outcomes program has made substantial progress since the College was last evaluated in 2000.  Those good efforts notwithstanding, they also noted that the College still has some distance to go before the HLC can be confident that Student Learning Outcomes are fully implemented and have led to measurable change in curriculum and pedagogy.  The evaluators have recommended to the HLC that the College be required to demonstrate by January 2013 that Student Learning Outcomes are fully implemented.

The Pima Community College Board of Governors is responsible for protecting the interests of the public, and for ensuring that our highest priority must be the accreditation the College receives from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

I am sure my fellow Board members would agree with me that everyone must do their part to make certain that Student Learning Outcomes are fully implemented.

As Board chair, I expect the Administration to bring to the Board  the policy changes needed to ensure active participation by all regular and adjunct faculty in the Student Learning Outcomes process. 

Again, I want to thank our employees for their efforts in the recent reaccreditation process.

Sherryn "Vikki" Marshall,
Chair, Board of Governors
Pima County Community College District