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Human Resources Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Human Resources Advisory Committee (HR Advisory Committee) is to assist the Pima Community College Governing Board (the Board) with oversight and monitoring of Human Resources. The HR Advisory Committee shall keep the Board informed about pertinent HR matters. The HR Advisory Committee will not consider personnel issues specific to a particular individual.


The composition of the HR Advisory Committee will be as follows:

PCC Board of Governors members (2)
Community representatives (at least 3)
PCC Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
PCC Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
PCC General Counsel (Ex-Officio)

External HR executives will be appointed by the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources with the approval of the Chancellor.

The community representatives shall be professionally knowledgeable about Human Resources’ best practices, human capital management, human resource processes, performance evaluation, discipline and grievance procedures, organizational effectiveness of HR, HR as an agent of change, and/or HR as a business partner.

Length of service of community members is expected to be at least one year and no more than three years. The chair position will be for a one year term and be rotated among committee members.


Luis Gonzales, Pima Community College Board of Governors, District 5 Representative

Mark Hanna, Pima Community College Board of Governors, District 1 Representative

Curry Hale, Director, Human Resources, Town of Marana

Sandra Lueders, Vice President-Human Resources, Vantage Credit Union

Anna Maiden, Equal Opportunity Specialist, Amphitheater Public Schools

Cathy Ries, Vice President of Customer and Human Resources, Tucson Electric Power

Helena Rodrigues, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, University of Arizona

Dan Berryman, Vice Chancellor, Human Resources, Pima Community College

Alison, Colter-Mack, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources, Pima Community College

Jeff Silvyn, General Counsel, Pima Community College 


The HR Advisory Committee will meet at least quarterly and more often as needed. All members are expected to attend each meeting, either in person or via tele- and video-conference. Meeting agendas will be prepared and provided in advance to members, along with appropriate supporting materials.

State of Arizona open meeting status A.R.S. §§ 38-431 to 431.09 will be applicable.


  1. The HR Advisory Committee will review the HR performance metrics to be reported to the Board at its November meeting. The HR Advisory Committee may make suggestions or request additional information as appropriate.
  2. The HR Advisory Committee will review updates on the continuous improvement of Human Resources.
  3. The HR Advisory Committee submit recommendations to the Board as appropriate.

2017 Meeting Calendar, Agendas & Minutes:

All meetings will be held at the District Office in B-218 from 8:30 – 10:00 unless otherwise published.

2016 Agendas & Minutes:

2015 Agendas & Minutes: