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Sprint Schedule

Earn a degree in one year!

Pima is offering a pilot "Sprint Schedule" at our East Campus beginning Spring 2013.  This schedule is designed for students who want to complete an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts in one year.  If you enroll in this program for Spring 2013 you can complete your degree in Fall 2013.

You will be taking at least 23 credits in the Fall and Spring semesters and 15 credits Summer semester.  Courses will be a combination of traditional, in-person classes of different durations as well as online and web-hybrid classes.

How it works

Your goal is to have no more than 2 days per week on campus using self-paced and web-based classes in combination with traditional, express and web-hybrid classes. View recommended schedule

In order for you to qualify for financial aid, each of your 3 semesters must contain at least one full-semester class (10- or 16-week course) and consecutive 5-week and 8-week courses to fill the semester evenly.  Note:  To qualify for financial aid for the Summer, you must enroll for the Spring semester.