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New PCC admission standards

Beginning March 12, 2012, new admission standards are in effect. The new standards affect all new students registering for the Summer 2012 term and beyond. New students who think they will be registering for summer 2012 or fall 2012 should take their assessment tests as soon as they can.

The new standards require all new incoming students to:

  1. Demonstrate evidence of potential success at Pima Community College, as measured by scores on assessment tests in Reading, Writing and Mathematics
  2. Be a graduate of an accredited college or university.

New students who are not proficient in English and want to register for courses other than ESL also must take assessments tests. 

These new admission standards do not apply to students currently enrolled in a class for Spring 2012, nor to students who have completed a course within the last three years (since Summer 2009).  Completed means any letter grade besides "W."

Note: Financial aid applicants should be prepared to produce evidence of high school or GED certificate of completion upon request.


  1. Students classified as Non-Degree Seeking.  These students will be allowed to enroll in a cumulative maximum of 15 credit hours before they must meet the new admission standards. 
  2. Students enrolled only in credit courses provided through contract training.
  3. Current high school students enrolled only in Dual Enrollment courses.
  4. Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 only: Students who score at the appropriate level in Reading and Writing assessments, but not in Math, will be fully admitted to the college as a regular student. However, they will be restricted from taking any Math course or course with a Math prerequisite until they pass the Math assessment.

For additional information, call or visit any campus Student Services Center.  Counselors and Student Services staff are available on a walk-in basis or by appointment. To schedule an appointment, call:

   Community Campus: 206-6408    East Campus: 206-7662

Desert Vista Campus: 206-5101
Northwest Campus: 206-2200

Downtown Campus: 206-7260
West Campus: 206-6699

They can also connect you to PCC assessment, advising and career services. 

Additional background resources on the admissions standards are available online.

Updated: Mar. 12, 2012