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Chancellor’s Cabinet


Chancellor’s Cabinet comprises 17 PCC administrators representing the College’s six campuses and key executive offices. Its purpose is to advise Chancellor Lambert on matters relating to the duties and activities of their respective areas, and to provide input into decisions that have a College-wide effect. Chancellor’s Cabinet meets every two weeks.


  • April 2014: Chancellor Lambert recently led a two-hour training session on sexual harassment for members of the College Governing Board and Cabinet


  • Dr. Louis Albert, President, West Campus, 206-6752,
  • Dr. David Bea, Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, 206-4519,
  • Dr. Johnson Bia, President, Desert Vista Campus, 206-5001,
  • Lori Cox, Director, Internal Audit, 206-4561,
  • Imelda Cuyugan, Assistant Vice Chancellor for State Government Relations, 206-4778,
  • Charlotte Fugett, President, East Campus, 206-7619,,
  • Dr. Zelema Harris, Interim Executive Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness; (Acting) Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Services, 206-4311,
  • Cheryl House, Executive Director, Pima Community College Foundation, 206-4646,
  • Dr. Gwendolyn Joseph, Interim Campus President, 206-7100,
  • C.J. Karamargin, Vice Chancellor for Public Information and Federal Government Relations, 206-4850,
  • Keith McIntosh, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, 206-4809,
  • Dr. Sheila Ortego, Interim President, Community Campus, 206-6577,
  • Jeffrey Silvyn, College General Counsel, 206-4678,
  • Bill Ward, Vice Chancellor for Facilities, 206-2610,
  • Deborah Yoklic, Assistant Vice Chancellor, 206-4747,
  • Darla Zirbes, (Acting) President, Northwest Campus, 206-2111,
  • Mark Ziska, Interim Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, 206-4586,