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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title: Selective Admissions Process for Limited Enrollment Programs in Health-Related Professions (Associate Degree Nursing Program, Dental Hygiene Education Program, Radiologic Technology Program) (Interim)
SPG Number:  
Effective Date: 10/10/95
Approval Date: 10/10/95
Review Date(s):  7/21/98
Revision Date(s): 7/21/98, 1/9/02
Sponsoring Unit/Department: VC, Academic Affairs and Student Development
Regulation Title & No.: Limited Enrollment, RG-3506/A
Board Policy Title & No.: Limited Enrollment, BP-3506
Legal Reference:             
Cross Reference:             

BG-3506 recognizes that certain vocational education programs must limit student enrollment to comply with the requirements of external agencies and charges these educational programs to establish criteria and a selection process that provides students an equitable opportunity for access and success.  In accordance with the college guidelines presented in RG-3506, the PCC programs in Health-Related Professions have developed criteria and a uniform process for selective admissions.

Individuals interested in qualifying for an application to a limited enrollment program in the Health-Related Professions may do so by complying with the application cycle admissions process at the campus location.


Before a student can qualify for an application for admission to a limited enrollment program in the Health-Related Professions, the applicant must:

1.0   Have a high school diploma or GED.

2.0     Complete a general admissions form to PCC and be admitted as a PCC student.

3.0     Receive acceptable scores in communicative ability (verbal and written), quantitative ability, and reading comprehension on college and/or program approved placement examinations or pre-admission tests.

4.0     Successfully complete all program specific non-natural science basic requirements and course prerequisites or equivalents with an average grade of "C" or better.  Program specific requirements or equivalents are published yearly in the program specific advising sheet for the application cycle in question.

5.0     Successfully complete all program specific natural science prerequisites or equivalents with an average grade of "B" or better with the last 8 years (calculated on the matriculation semester).


Computerized Random Selection.  All students meeting basic requirements and prerequisites will be placed in a diverse applicant pool. A computerized random selection will be made from this pool.  An alternate list is generated as a part of the final computerized random selection. NOTE: There will be no waiting lists.  Applicants that are not selected will be notified by mail and will also receive information about other career opportunities.  They may also continue to apply for admissions in the next application cycle.


7.0   Each department under this SPG will be evaluated every two years, and this review will include, where appropriate, information and recommendations from the five-year program reviews and periodic re-accreditation reviews by external agencies.

8.0   The results of the evaluation will be submitted to the Chancellor's Cabinet for review by the Campus Presidents and the VC for Educational Services.