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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title: Program Review
SPG Number: SPG-3105/DA
Effective Date:  8/15/00
Approval Date: 8/15/00
Review Date(s):              
Revision Date(s):            
Sponsoring Unit/Department: 
 AVC Educational Services
Regulation Title & No.: Program Review, RG-3105/D
Board Policy Title & No.: Curriculum, BP-3105
Legal Reference:             
Cross Reference:  


The purpose of this standard practice guide is to implement the regulation on and establish the procedure for program review which will result in a process that ensures that programs are high quality and responsive to the needs of the community, and if not, are no longer offered.


A. The Office of Educational Services will notify the Office of Research and Planning, Deans, Division Deans, faculty (and staff as appropriate) of the program review schedule approved by the Chancellor's Cabinet.

B. The Office of Research and Planning will compile the data package for use in the self-study.

C. Deans, Division Deans and CDAC will select faculty for participation in writing the self-study.  Each campus should have one representative unless the program is a single campus program.

D. The Office of Educational Services will invite Deans, Division Deans, and faculty, according to the approved schedule, to an orientation session.  The AVC for Educational Services or designee will review the program review process.  Faculty are asked to suggest persons for the external review panel.  The AVC for Research and Planning and staff will explain the contents of the data package and give faculty the opportunity to request more information. 

E. Faculty will select dates for writing the self-study within established schedule dates, limited to 7-10 days, and notify the Office of Educational Services.  Faculty must interact with Deans and Division Deans during the writing of the self-study.

F. The AVC will select and contact external review panel members and send materials for their review prior to the established meeting date.   Each member will receive a copy of the self-study, data package, and travel forms if the member is from out of county.

G. The external review panel is asked to make findings and recommendations based on the self-study and submit a report to the AVC for Educational Services.


  1. Accurate
  2. Currency
  3. Responsive
  4. Adequate resources - human, facilities, equipment

H. The external review report is sent to faculty, Deans and Division Deans for their response before being submitted for Chancellor's Cabinet review.

I. The self-study, external review report, and faculty response to the external review are distributed to the Chancellor's Cabinet for their study before the scheduled meeting to review the documents with faculty.  Time is built into the schedule for the Campus Presidents to review prior to Chancellor's Cabinet meeting.

J. At a scheduled Cabinet meeting, faculty representatives will be given opportunity to report their findings and recommendations in a brief, structured report.  Cabinet will respond both to their presentation and the program review documents during the meeting and will follow up with a letter to the faculty requesting an action plan that addresses specific recommendations, or indicating that the AVC for Educational Services has been directed to follow the necessary procedure for unification with another program or program deletion.

K. Faculty will work with Deans and Division Deans to develop an action plan reflecting the Cabinet directions that includes a timeline for actions to be taken and requests for necessary funds.

L. Chancellor's Cabinet will review the action plan and approve any funding requests deemed justifiable.  The AVC for Educational Services will be directed to award funds as approved.

M. The Deans will be responsible for submitting to Cabinet through the AVC progress reports for the program reviewed at midyear and annually.

Program Unification or Deletion Resulting from Program Review

Programs found to be lacking in the enrollment necessary to sustain the program will be unified with another related program, possibly as an option under that program, or deleted.  Likewise, those programs where the placement history indicates that the program is no longer viable will be unified or deleted.  If the program review indicates that the program is having difficulties but yet is inconclusive as to what should be the outcome, a feasibility study will be conducted to determine the outcome.  The results of the study will be binding.