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Pima County Community College District Board Policy

Board Policy Title: Employee Benefit Plan - District Board Participation
Board Policy Number: BP-4005
Adoption Date: 12/12/90
Revision Date(s):  12/9/90, 2/27/12
Schedule for Review & Update:  Annually
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:
  Vice Chancellor for Human Resources            
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Motion Number:  4740
Legal Reference:   A.R.S. §15-1450        
Cross Reference:    

1.   Governing Board members, their spouses and dependent children may participate in the district's health, accident, life and disability insurance plans if they pay the full amount of the premium(s).

2.    Board members who participate in the above plans may continue to participate after leaving the Board if:

  • the member served at least six consecutive years on the Board, and
  • the Board member pays the full premium(s).

3.    The surviving spouse and/or dependent child of a Board member or former Board member may continue to participate in the above plans if:

  • they were covered under the Board member's plan, and
  • they pay the full premium(s).

4.    It is strictly prohibited for the district to expend any funds to subsidize the participation of any Board member, spouse or dependent.