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Pima County Community College District Board Policy

Board Policy Title:  Institutional Security
Board Policy Number: BP-1505
Adoption Date:  5/17/95
Revision Date(s):   9/12/00
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  AVC Administrative Services and Facilities
Motion Number: 5342
Legal Reference: Arizona Revised Statutes sections 13-2911(C), 15-1444(A)(9); 34 CFR Part 668 (Student Assistance General Provisions)
Cross Reference:             

Pima County Community College District shall provide an environment for the institution and its students, employees and visitors that will to the greatest extent possible, preclude the occurrence of crimes against their property or their person. The College expects its students, employees and visitors to comply with all Federal, State and County Laws and ordinances as well as applicable Student Codes of Conduct and employee policy statements while on college property or involved in college supervised events. Accordingly, the College will ensure that appropriate security, protective service and public safety programs and activities are offered to help the College meet its formal statutory obligations and responsibilities for protecting the property, health and safety of its constituencies.